Erik Luhrs

Master of Entrepreneur Kung-Fu




“Using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation.” – Bruce Lee


Erik Luhrs is a Mentor & Advisor to Visionaries, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Experts, Consultants and Coaches who want to create more Profit in their business while also creating more Purpose, Potential and Passion in their life.


By utilizing his Entrepreneur Kung-Fu methodology, Erik assists his clients to access their higher mind (AKA their "Dragon") and to then leverage that to create a Brand, Community, Position and GTM that are distinct from anyone else in the world so they can generate more Sales, Growth and Success in multiple areas of life. 


Previously, Erik created the GURUS Selling System, the Subconscious Lead Generation method, the Persona-Positioning process, and wrote the book BE DO SALE


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Having helped many clients create "life changing" revenue increases by hundreds and even thousands of percent in a few weeks (sometimes a few days) Erik has real life experience optimizing and catapulting businesses using his Entrepreneur Kung-Fu approach.

Recognized as one of the most “innovative” and “out there” business mentors in the world, Erik spends the majority of his time with a small number of clients who truly want to increase their impact in the world, and the passion in their life, as much as they want to increase their revenue.

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(Just some of our success stories)

Erik has made such a huge difference that only after a few weeks, we are inundated with requests and had to pause prospecting in order not to overwhelm the organization!

Per Sjofors

CEO, Atenga

Thanks to Erik we went from a pipeline of a few hundred thousand dollars to a pipeline of over ten million in less than 6 weeks!

Michael Sutton

CEO, Platinum Solar

Erik helped us increased our program registrations by 12X, and create so much response for our rentals that we had to pause marketing and soon after our company was acquired!

Steven Settelmayer

VP Sales & Marketing, Neff Rental


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